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The GeoSpatial Teaching Enrichment Modules (GeoSTEM) project aspires to help teachers of math, science, geography and social science learn how to teach with geospatial concepts, data and technology.

GeoSTEM modules feature ArcGIS Online, a powerful yet easy-to-use technology for mapping and spatial analysis. All U.S. schools are eligible to receive free ArcGIS Online accounts through the Esri-ConnectED program.

GeoSTEM modules are designed to illustrate for teachers the many ways ArcGIS Online can support instructional goals across the curriculum. By completing a GeoSTEM module, teachers will gain ideas for using spatial concepts to teach content and create activities that enhance the spatial thinking abilities of their students.

GeoSTEM modules are available at no cost and are intended for use in pre-service teacher education programs. The modules are also suitable for in-service teachers seeking training in effective methods of GIS-based instruction.

  • Visit the About Us page for a full description of the goals of the GeoSTEM project.
  • Access the project’s teacher education resources on the Modules page.
  • Read about the project’s methodology and findings on the Research page.

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