Water Resources

This prototype GeoSTEM module is designed to show how K-12 teachers can use geographic concepts and ArcGIS Online to create highly engaging real-world activities to support the learning of cross-cutting concepts and practices in different subject areas (the content of this module connects with Earth and Space Sciences on this diagram).

The module features four lessons intended for 5th-grade classrooms, each of which demonstrates for teachers how ArcGIS Online technology can be used to support geographic investigations of water and water use in Texas and beyond. The module also demonstrates how thinking geographically about water resources involves important mathematical and scientific concepts and skills. By completing this module, teachers will be able to use geographic concepts and ArcGIS Online technology to teach about water, the hydrologic cycle and the environmental impacts of water usage.

There are two versions of the module, one for teacher educators and one for pre-service teachers. You can access the version you wish to view using the highlighted links below. Each version shares the same source material and uses explanatory roll-over notes to customize the content for the intended audience.

  • Teacher EducatorsThis version should be used by teacher educators who teach instructional methods classes for pre-service teachers. The module offers suggestions for how to introduce the four demonstration lessons to pre-service teachers in different subject areas.
  • Pre-service TeachersThis version should be used by pre-service teachers who are enrolled in instructional methods courses. The module offers suggestions for how to introduce the content and activities to 5th-grade classrooms.

Click here to access the module’s worksheets and other instructional materials for  students.

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